ei Content Knowledge House is an established boutique consulting entity that pools together professionals from multiple industry verticals that have vital exposure in Global Multi National Corporations, Inter-Governmental Organizations and the start up scene. We have more than 50 years of collective industry track experience. 

Our differentiation lies in our mission to  ENERGIZE, MONETIZE AND FUTURIZE the businesses of all our clients.

Our Services Platter include: Strategic Consulting, Business Coaching, Business Planning, Marketing Roadmaps, Grants & Funding, Financial Advisory, Proposal & Content Writing, R&D Planning, Tech Advisory, Intellectual Property, Resource & HR Outsourcing, Tender Management, IPO ExercisesTraining & Workshops.

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Our international markets exposure has served us well in our line of work and we have made market space connectivity in these nations:







Consultancy & Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning

    One of our key and anchor services, Strategic Planning has been popularly taken up by many clients across multiple industry verticals. Our team of professio... more

  • Marketing Roadmaps

    For more details and to set up an appointment, please .... more

  • Grants & Funding

    Many businesses, whether start ups or growth stage, do not apply for grants (typically government grants but also available to a certain degree from the pri... more

  • Business Coaching

    For more details and to set up an appointment, please .... more

  • Proposal & Content Writing

    For more details and to set up an appointment, please .... more

  • Tech Advisory

    Our Tech Advisory practice area has resulted in multiple technologies being designed and implemented over the years for not only start up companies but High... more

  • Training & Workshops

    Our customized training and workshop programs have todate, been marketed and implemented not only in Malaysia but internationally as well. Our participants ... more